Hey folks, back in July, my film troupe, TurnStyle Films, shot a one minute silent film for the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), titled Out of Reach, that was accepted. The film is now playing on TUFF’s website. Please, go over and vote to support us! Everyone can vote once per day until the 16th of September. We are up against some stiff competition, so we need everyone’s help to win this!

Our film will also be playing on the last day of the festival as part of the instant gratification group. It will show once every ten minutes for the 1.3 million commuters of Toronto!



Out of Reach

And don’t forget to “Like” our Vimeo link as well!

Starring Joshua Rex

Jon Nix: Director
Jamie Overstreet: Writer
Ralph J. Miller: Assistant Director
Yoshi Andrego: Director of Photography
Kayla Muller: Production Assistant

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