It seems like only a few months have passed since last years Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project. Not only does that mean that it’s been a year since the last one, it also means that my website and blog have been live for over a year. Time flies. Anyway, last year we, TurnStyle Films, won 3 awards, Runner-Up Best Film, Audience Award, and Best Acting, so needless to say, we had some expectations to live up to. If you haven’t seen last years entry, you can check it out here…

As you might not know, the 48 Hour Film Project gives us three things that we must include in our film, which for this year was…

1. A Line of Dialogue – “Nothing is mundane.”

2. A Character – Desdemona or Dexter Taylor.

3. A Prop – Headphones.

And of course, we have to draw a genre out of a hat. I was the 1st to draw this year, and my pick was investigator/cop. Not something I really wanted, but after five minutes of thinking about it, I figured we could make it work. About three months beforehand, I scouted some local talent at North Coast Central Casting. There, I found my actors, Kristina Michelle, Max Ryan Mason, Jazmine Cornielle, and Vernard “Mongo” Adams, who we welcomed back for a second year.

This time around, we were nominated for 6 awards!

Best Film Runner Up, Best Cinematography, Best Use of Prop, Best Actor: Max Ryan Mayson, Best Actress: Kristina Michelle, and the Audience Award, plus, our film was selected to be screened at the 15th Indie Gathering!

We ended up winning 3 of those:

Winner – Best Use of Prop
Winner – Best Cinematography
Winner – Best Film Runner Up

So, without further ado, here is our entry for the 20011 Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project…

Closer Than They Appear

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